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The purpose of this page, is not grantings the exhaustive information on a history and development of temple architecture of Halychyna, beginning from Princely times. On this theme already it is much written and there is no sense to repeat. It, more, the addition based on own impressions, researches and photographs. Actually, the submitted researches, cover development of architecture of constructed churches of Halychyna of end ղ - the beginnings XX centuries.

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It is everything, that remained from very beautiful three-dome stone church s.Michael, constructed 1927.

Nowadays here military range...

And once... there was a magnificent village with the sweet name: Vyshenka Velyka (Cherry Big)...

It agrees shematizm the Lviv main diocese for 1935, in village Vyshenka Velyka, it was charged 2819 souls of Greko-Catholics, 54 catholics, 30 jews, school - 281 children.

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